The Millennium Seven (7)
  1. Demonstrates respect for feelings of others
  2. Shares with classmates
  3. Seeks peaceful ways to solve conflicts
  4. Helps other students with challenging work
  5. Works well in groups


  1. Remains calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked
  2. Comes to class prepared
  3. Pays attention and resists distractions
  4. Gets to work right away rather than procrastinating
  1. Is polite to adults and peers
  2. Allows others to speak without interruption
  3. Remembers and follows directions immediately
  4. Actively listens to others
  1. Recognizes and shows appreciation for others
  2. Takes care of the classroom, school equipment, and personal supplies
  3. Uses manners throughout the day (please, thank you, may I, excuse me, you are welcome)
  4. Takes care of school uniform
  1. Finishes whatever he or she begins
  2. Asks and answers questions to deepen understanding
  3. Works independently with focus
  4. Actively participates
  1. Is eager to explore new things
  2. Finds solutions during conflicts with others
  3. Uses imagination to solve challenging problems
  1. Gets over frustrations and setbacks quickly
  2. Tries very hard even after experiencing failure
  3. Shows enthusiasm
  4. Inspires others to do their best
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