About Millennium Community School        

Our Vision

Millennium Community School will set the standard for national excellence in education and leadership

Our Mission

Millennium Community School fosters life-long learning through academic excellence for all students.

Our Philosophy

The basic educational philosophy of our program states that every child can learn if taught appropriately. Equipped with a proven curriculum, school staff follow successful instructional practices, evaluate each child often each day and alter ineffective teaching practices to meet the needs of every child. The school emphasizes basic skills, development and mastery at every stage to make it probable that skills will be applicable and generalizable. more...

Our Program

Millennium Community School was established in 1999 with the initial enrollment of 345 students, which has increased to over 700+ students. Millennium accepts students in grades K-8. School is in session from 9:00 am to 3:45 pm. Students are considered tardy at 9:05 and must be signed in by a parent or guardian. Busing is provided by the student's district of residence. Please contact your school district's transportation department to find out if they provide busing to our school.

Millennium employs highly qualified school personal and administrators who believe there are no excuses for children failing to learn. All teachers are certified and Instructional Assistants are available at each grade level. There are 20 students in each Kindergarten class and up to 25 students in each upper grade classroom. Instructional groups consist of 5-10 students. Full Special Education services are also available.

Millennium Community School is fiscally sound and provides annual reports that include program and financial audits to parents and sponsors. The Millennium Community School is located in Columbus, Ohio at 3500 Refugee Road; West of Courtright Road and South of Interstate 70. Prospective parents are encouraged to make personal visits. Please contact the school office for more information.

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