Most Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions regarding Millennium.

What is a Charter School?
In 1997, The Ohio Legislature passed a law creating independent, public “community schools” to give parents a choice of the public school that best fits the needs of their children. Community schools engage the community by providing a quality educational environment which promotes successful lifelong learning for their students, staff, and community. We offer all of the typical, school-related services including breakfast, lunch, and before and after-school Latchkey program. To learn more about community schools, please visit the Ohio Charter School Association website at

Is there a Charge to attend?
Millennium Community School is tuition-free; there is NO charge to attend Millennium Community School.

How do I enroll my child?
Interested parents may enroll their child by visiting the Millennium Community School office located at 3500 Refugee Rd. Columbus, OH 43232 to pick up an enrollment application or by calling the main office at 614-255-5585 to request that an enrollment application be mailed to you.

Is my child guaranteed a spot once I submit an application?
Millennium Community School accepts students on a first come, first serve basis. Once you have submitted a completed enrollment application, you will be notified of your child’s acceptance.

Does Millennium Community School require a uniform?
Millennium Community School students wear a uniform consisting of LIGHT BLUE shirts, NAVY BLUE bottoms and BLACK shoes. ALL male students MUST wear a tie on Fridays.

Is transportation provided?
Transportation is not provided by Millennium Community School; however transportation is provided by the school district in which you reside.

What type of curriculum is used?
The Millennium Community School employs a scientifically based curriculum, purchased from SRA/McGraw-Hill. It is generally known as Direct Instruction (DI). DI is a mastery-based curriculum, so all students learn all concepts equally well in every lesson. The program is replete with testing, both formal at regular bi-weekly intervals, and less formally on a daily basis - the numerous student responses during a lesson are immediately evaluated by the teacher. Inaccurate responses signal the teacher to remediate immediately. The scripted lesson tells the teacher exactly what and how to remediate. This immediate error correction and the Active Student Responding (ASR), upon which DI is based, serves to direct the child towards quick, accurate, and eventually fluent mastery over curricular content. Teachers turn in weekly reports of lessons completed, and the explicit assumption is that all children have mastered all material in each and every completed lesson. The curriculum provides a clear standard against which each teacher's performance is measured. Should performance fall below expectations, adjustments are made in teaching techniques or placement of the child. The school employs curriculum specialists to collect, analyze student data, to train, evaluate, manage teachers, and report to the school administration on student progress.

Are your teachers highly qualified?
Yes, all teaching staff at Millennium Community School are highly qualified.

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