Student Conduct        

Responsibilities In Common Areas

The common areas at the School include areas such as the hallways, rest rooms, multipurpose room, and recess area. Because students from every grade and class will be using these areas under the supervision of various staff, it is important to establish rules and expectations that are commonly understood and consistently applied. With such rules in place, staff can focus on encouraging good character among students rather than correcting misbehavior.

Staff will continuously encourage appropriate behavior in the School's common areas through positive and friendly interactions with students. Verbal praise will be used to recognize students who exercise courtesy, safety, and respect. The School Director will use intercom announcements to compliment good behavior in the School's common areas.

Parent-Student-Teacher Agreement

The success of the Millennium Community School Code of Conduct depends on the support of everyone involved in shaping our students' lives. By working together, administration and staff, parents, and students can promote academic achievement and good character - building blocks for a respectful, responsible and successful life.

Each student and his or her parent or guardian is asked to commit to working together as a team and show this commitment by signing the Parent-Student Teacher Agreement. The agreement is available in the School Office, as well as the student handbook. At the Millennium Community School, students will be encouraged to make appropriate choices regarding their personal conduct. Administration and staff will ensure order and support the development of good character at our School.

Student Dress Code

Millennium Community School enforces a student school uniform policy. At Millennium, we believe that appropriate clothing supports a positive learning environment. The school dress code for the school year will be for all students:

  1. Light blue oxford shirts or polos. (Logo is optional) Shirts are to be tucked in and buttoned completely at all times. Shirts can be long or short sleeved and are to be worn buttoned and tucked in at all times.
  2. Cold weather attire can include solid navy blue or white hoodless sweaters, cardigans, or vests. Students may also wear light blue, navy blue, or white long sleeve thermals under a light blue polo style uniform shirt during inclement weather.
  3. All black shoes should allow your child to run and play safely during recess and physical education class. The shoes must be completely black, including the soles and shoestrings. Any footwear that exposes the feet and/or are slippery such as thongs, sandals, high heels/stacks, etc. should not be worn to school.
  4. Hats, bandanas, etc. of any type are not to be worn in the building.
  5. Pictures, patches, or wording on clothing are not permitted.
  6. All black belts must be worn with pants.
  7. Students are permitted to wear 1 small post (stud style) earring in each ear (girls), 1 small post (stud style) earring in 1 ear (boys), light blue, navy blue, white, or black hair bands (females only), one watch, one bracelet, one ring.

As a general rule of thumb, your student’s clothing should cover from the shoulders to the knees. Anything in between should not be exposed for any reason.

Uniform noncompliance is a Level II offense with an administrative consequence of the following:

1st time: One (1) day lunch/recess detention
2nd time: One (1) day In School Suspension
3rd time: Two (2) days In School Suspension
4th time: Three (3) days Out of School Suspension. Also a parent meeting with Grade Level Architect, Student Parent Liaison to discuss alternative disciplinary actions but not limited to behavioral contracts, extended suspensions and/or expulsion.

Navy blue pants or shorts are to be worn firmly at the waist or accompanied with a belt. Absolutely no sagging will be permitted. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Navy blue color pants, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be longer than the fingers when arms hang at the student’s side or no more than two inches above the knee.

All shirts must have sleeves. Tank tops and halter- tops are not permitted. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Personal Hygiene
The personal hygiene and grooming of each student at Millennium should be in conjunction with the standards set by the uniform dress code. All students must be clean and neat when in school.

Dress Down Days
Any clothing that distracts the learning environment is unacceptable. The same rules apply for the length of shorts, skirts, and jumpers. Shirts must be tucked in, no sagging. Inappropriate wording, pictures are not permitted. Participation in this activity is dependent on good behavior.

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