Homework Help

Homework is assigned to help a student become more self-reliant, learn to work independently and improve their skills. Home study assignments also give parents a way to acquaint themselves with the school program and their child's progress.  We invite you to become partners with us by monitoring this work at home and talking with your child about his or her homework assignments and activities.

Homework request/makeup policy

If a student is absent, parents may request assignments by contacting the school's attendance office. Please allow 24 hours notice for teachers to prepare assignments. In general, students will be allotted two days for each day of absence to complete written assignments.

Homework Resources

Check out these helpful links for references and resources to help your child with assignments and projects:
A search engine site. Search by keyword or subject.
Ask Jeeves a question, use an on-line dictionary, thesaurus or search by subject.

Report Cards

Millenium Community School is on a quarter reporting system. Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter grading period.


Interim report cards will go home to all students midway through each quarter. In addition, interim reports are prepared and sent to parents when the teacher feels that communication between grading periods is necessary.

Parent - Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled multiple times throughout the school year. Parents are invited to come to the school and confer with their child's teacher at a scheduled time. A parent or teacher may request a conference at any time during the school year. A parent desiring a conference at any time other than regularly scheduled conferences is requested to contact the school. A conference will be arranged at a time when the teacher is not busy with assigned classes. Parents are requested not to "just drop in" to see a teacher. It may be impossible for the teacher to leave assigned duties to talk to the parent. 

Weekly Assesments

Teachers turn in weekly reports of lessons completed, and the explicit assumption is that all children have mastered all material in each and every completed lesson. The curriculum provides a clear standard against which each teacher's performance is measured. Should performance fall below expectations, adjustments are made in teaching technique or placement of the child. The school employs curriculum specialists to collect and analyze student data and to train, evaluate and manage teachers, and report to the school administration on student progress.

Benchmark/Proficiency Academy

To ensure that our students are prepared for state tests, all students participate in benchmark/proficiency preparation classes. During these classes, students will be exposed to the vocabulary and/or mechanics that will appear on the test that may slightly differ from what is in the DI curriculum. Since the inception of these preparation classes, we have seen a steady increase in our test scores.

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